As a people of God, St. John's By-the-Sea offers prayers for those of the church, the community, and the world who are in need.
There are many ways that St. John's offers prayerful support. One way is through a prayer list that is announced at our weekly service and shared with a small number of parishioners who intentionally pray for those in need.

This ministry allows us to care for and lift up the needs of persons within our community, as well as families and friends. Additionally, prayer requests are recited in the weekly church service so that others may join in offering prayers.

If you or a loved one needs the support that prayer can give, please fill in the form below. (Alternately, contact the Church office at 808-239-7198 or email your request to

If you would like to participate in St. John's prayer ministry, please contact the Church office at 808-239-7198.

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