St. John's

Articles of Interest

  1. Blaine's directory of Anglican clergy in HI (1862-1902).pdf
  2. Chronology of Native Hawaiian Ministry.pdf
  3. Handbooks on the Missions of the Episcopal Church, Ch. 8, Hawaiian Islands (1927).pdf
  4. Hawaii's Holy Wars - struggle between ABCFM and Staley (HHS 2000).pdf
  5. History of the Anglican Indigenous Network (AIN).pdf
  6. History of the Dakota 38 (1862).pdf
  7. History of the ECCIM (Chun) Sewanee ECCIM-AIN journal.pdf
  8. History of the Hawaiian Book of Common Prayer (BCP).pdf
  9. Howell - First Episcopal clergy in HI (HAA 1911).pdf
  10. John H. Wise (HHS 2012).pdf
  11. Let us Tell Our Stories - Article for ITTI Journal.pdf
  12. Manley Hopkins - Hawaii; the past, present, and future of its island-kingdom (1866).pdf
  13. Reclaiming Our Native Souls (Brokenleg).pdf
  14. Staley - Five Years' Church Work in the Kingdom of Hawaii (1868).pdf
  15. Themes in Contemporary Native Theological Education.pdf
  16. Three Early Christian Leaders of Hawai`i (Mauer 1945).pdf
  17. William Hoapili Ka`auwai (HHS 1952).pdf
  18. Willis - Governance of The Anglican Church in Hawaii (1890).pdf
  19. Willis - How Annexation Affects the Anglican Church in Hawaii (1898).pdf
  20. Winter talk Province 8 Report (2011).pdf
  21. Winter talk Province 8 Report (2014).pdf
  22. Winter talk Province 8 Report (2015).pdf
  23. Winter talk Province 8 Report (2016).pdf

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