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  1. A Training Guidebook for We Are Here!.pdf
  2. Bios of Wovoka, Bray, and Black Elk.pdf
  3. Exposing the Doctrine of Discovery - (Advent 2011).pdf
  4. Exposing the Doctrine of Discovery - (Columbus Day and Baptismal Vows).pdf
  5. Wise sayings from Elders.pdf


  1. Minita a Iwi: The story of the creation of a ministry training program by the late Sir Paul Reeves of Te Pihopitanga O Aotearoa (Maori Bishopric of Aotearoa) to increase the number of indigenous Maori clergy to minister to the needs of Maori congregation in the Anglican Church in NZ, as told by the late Venerable Rev. Hone Kaa (St. John's College in Auckland), with assessment of its challenges and implications by the Rev. Dr. Malcolm Naea Chun (Episcopal Church of the United States, Diocese of Hawai'i), for indigenous peoples in the Anglican Communion.

  2. Ke Au Hou: An Exploration of Native Ministry in The Church: A model for native liturgy for use by Native Hawaiians and indigenous peoples in the Episcopal Church and the larger Anglican Communion.

  3. We Are Here! An examination of the struggle to establish a genuine indigenous presence within the Episcopal Church, with implications for all indigenous peoples in the Anglican Communion.
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  4. Dakota 38: Award-winning documentary of journey on horses taken by Lakota and Dakota tribal members to commemorate the largest mass execution in United States history: the hanging of 38 Dakota warriors in Minnesota, and the healing and reconciliation efforts that takes place among native and whites along the way.

  5. Province 8 Winter talk (2010): Keynote address at Province 8’s first provincial winter talk by the Rev. Martin Brokenleg (Ret.) Director of the Native Studies Program for the Vancouver School of Theology on the implications for the entire Church in adopting Resolution (DO 35) passed at the Episcopal Church 2009 General Convention which repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery.

  6. National Winter Talk (2006): Award winning documentary produced by Buz and Karin S. Wasler capturing the spirit and worship of indigenous conversation that takes place at Winter Talk, an annual gathering of indigenous Episcopalians and their supporters, sponsored by the Episcopal Church in the United States.

  7. Pain ou coco (Bread or Coconut). Moorea et les deux traditions (Mo‘orea and the Two Traditions) (2010): Award-winning documentary from French film producers Yannick Fer and Gwendoline Malogne-Fer regarding the differing theological views between members of the Christian Protestant communities in Papetoai and Haʻapiti, on the island of Mo‘orea, French Polynesia, on the extent to which they will incorporate traditional (Māʻohi) culture into the life of the church, particularly sacramental worship.

  8. The New Covenant at Jamestown: Launching the Decade of Remembrance, Recognition, and Reconciliation (1997): Historic meeting at Jamestown, Virginia on November 1, 1997 (All Saint's Day) between Native American Episcopalian leaders, church officials, and the surrounding indigenous community to "renew" a covenant of faith between indigenous Americans and the Episcopal Church.

  9. Native Ministry in the Episcopal Church - Part 1: A collage of photos showing the gathering of indigenous Episcopalians and Anglicans in Hawaiʻi (St. Andrew's Cathedral and St. John's By the Sea Church) to honor, give respect, and celebrate the life of the late Rev. Canon Dr. Malcolm Naea Chun (February 2019) from Hawaiʻi. Music provided by Kuaʻana Torres-Kahele - Aleluia/Hallelujah.

  10. Native Ministry in the Episcopal Church - Part 2 (Province 8 Winter Talk and St. Johnʻs By The Sea):  A collage of photos of indigenous Episcopalians worshipping together as a community, from the ceremony awarding the Rt. Rev. Robert Fitzpatrick aliʻi status; and the 2013 and 2014 Province 8 Winter Talk held in Reno, Nevada; and the Lau Lau fundraiser to benefit St. John's By the Sea Episcopal Church. Music and vocal performances provided by Hoʻokena and Maila Gibson ("The Prayer")

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