Today's liturgy is in two parts. The Liturgy of the Palm celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of the week of his Passion. After we hear Matthew's (or Mark's or Luke's) account of that event, the celebrant gives thanks over the branches, which we carry. A procession with branches is accompanied by festive songs of "Hosanna in the highest!" as we enact the event which led directly to Good Friday.

The second part of today's liturgy changes from triumph to tragedy as it focuses on the suffering and death of Jesus. The account of the Lord's Passion is read from Matthew's (or Mark's or Luke's) Gospel, so that we may have a fuller sense of sharing with him in his redemptive acts of dying and rising for our salvation. Today we enter into the celebration of the mighty acts of God, which brought about our redemption. During this week, we will rediscover what God has done for us, rediscover the meaning of our Baptism, and rediscover the meaning of our sharing in the Eucharist.

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A figure in the style of a Hawaiian petroglyph holds the chalice and paten.
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