History of St. John's By-the-Sea

Longtime St. John’s member Ruth Lucas and the late Arnold Newalu completed a labor of love in 1999 in the publication of The Genesis of St. John’s by the Sea: A Mini-History, 1931–1997. This document includes a thirty-one-page history, and lists of vicars and confirmations over the thirty-six year period, as well sixteen pages of archival photographs.

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The Reverend C. Fletcher Howe, in his role as diocesan historiographer, compiled an early history of St. John's By-the-Sea, which was later reissued by his successor at the diocese, Rev. Kenneth D. Perkins. This 8-page document draws on the Hawaii Church Chronicle and provides a compelling picture of the determination and faithfulness of the early leaders and members of St. John's congregation.

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In "Kane'ohe Pineapple," Peter Young provides a brief overview of agricultural development in Ko'olaupoko, from sugar in the late 1800s to rice and pineapple in the early 20th century. A pineapple cannery, near where St. John's now stands, closed in 1923 and the land was eventually converted to grazing pasture for cattle.

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Historical Archives

St John's 1948

St. John's By-the-Sea, August 1948

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